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Max Buy
% Rewards in XRP
% Marketing
Total Supply
what is
what is

The Exclusive

We have set ourselves the goal of making you successful in the crypto world

be there and secure your place on the way to luxury.

The Exclusive has a total supply of 100 Billion tokens.
There’s a max wallet of 1,5 billion tokens.
When buying be sure to set the slippage at 18% for selling we recommend0 20% slippage.
This token also features 10% $XRP redistribution that is automatically redistributed after 60 minutes.

7% Marketing/Lottery & 1% Liquidity + 2% sell
This will be used to cover launch and promotional costs.
We also take a cut to pay our dev team as a lot of time and energy is spend to create and manage this token.

10% $XRP Reflection:
10% of the tax fees are reflected to our holders in $XRP. This auto distibutes every 60 minutes. Or you can sell 1 token to get instant rewards.

Anti-Whale Mechanics:
Whales of crypto are ill reputed to dump their holding and thereby dictating the price of the token. With the 1.5% max holdings, everyone gets a chance to be the whale. 1.5% = 1.500.000.000

Every time a goal is reached, we will start a lottery for you

1. Target 100.000 MC
Price: 1 ETH for one Holder

2. Target 500.000 MC
Price: 2000$ for one holder

3. Target 1.200.000 MC
Price: Breitling for one Holder (3500$)

4. Target: 2.000.000 MC
Price: caribbean vacation Trip for 2 All Inclusive

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